Average Agents’ Office

Average Agents’ Office was established over 50 years ago. First in the structure of Polish Chamber of Foreign Trade and later in result of organisational changes became a department of Polish Chamber of Commerce.

Since 1st July, 2000 the Average Agents’ Office has been operating in the structure of the Polish Chamber of Maritime Commerce in Gdynia.

Average Agents’ Office represents foreign insurers on the territory of Poland in respect of:

  • Survey of cargo damaged in land, sea and air transport;
  • Survey of damaged means of transport;
  • Hull and machinery survey and supervision on repairs of ships;
  • Survey and supervision on loading/securing of heavy lifts, especially deck cargo;
  • Insurance investigations in case of theft/robbery of trucks, containers and/or cargo;
  • Salvage sale of damaged goods;
  • Assistance to Polish companies in case of General Average and, upon authorisation, signing of General Average Guarantee;
  • Legal assistance in decisions concerning disputes, arbitration and litigation falling within the regulations of the maritime and commercial code;
  • Settlement of Insurance Policy claims;
  • Recovery claims.

Average Agents’ Office
24 Armii Krajowej St.
81-372 Gdynia

ph./fax. +48 58 620 22 79, +48 58 621 87 46

phone exchange: +48 58 782 01 91; fax. +48 58 620 35 54

e-mail: kaizba@kigm.pl

Average Officer:

Bronislaw Soszynski    – mobile + 48 608 454 214