Polish Maritime Cluster

On the 24th of August 2004, Polish Maritime Network Institute was established within the frames of Science-Technology Foundation ”Gdansk”, in order to develop Polish Maritime Cluster.
The Ministry of Infrastructure, the Consortium of Science-Technical Institute, which is a part of Polish Federation of Engineers and Technicians Association ”NOT” and Science Technology Foundation “Gdansk” together with Polish Chamber of Maritime Commerce established their joint office for development of Polish maritime cluster and Polish maritime industries forum, as well as for performing analytic and organisational works. Office named Polish Maritime Cluster Office is seated in the premises of the Polish Chamber of Maritime Commerce in Gdynia.

Polish Maritime Cluster is a geographically proximate group of interconnected companies and associated institutions in a particular field, linked by commonalties and complementaries. Clusters affect competition in three ways: by increasing productivity of constituent firms or industries, by increasing their capacity for innovation, and by stimulating new business formation that supports innovation and expands the cluster.


Maritime cluster in Poland will not be based in one region of the country. It will be concentrated in different regions along the coastline and in the hinterland. The subcluster structure can be either regional or sectoral, or only regional with different sectors and segments inside. In Gdynia there will be only one data and agglomerate information centre.

Draft of regional concentration of maritime clusters in Poland


In order to obtain detailed information on the Maritime Sub-Cluster in Szczecin, please contact mgr in¿. A. Kry¿an KZW Maritime Expert at kl@shortsea.pl

Aim of Polish Maritime Cluster is to create a neutral data base, which will comprise the full, up to date list of all companies and institutions classified according to groups (industries, services and infrastructure), their sectors and segments. This data base will supply economic information, which will allow to evaluate the performance of the cluster and its direct and indirect actors. Polish Maritime Cluster also comprises administrations, associations, national and foreign chambers, student organisations, media etc.